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frequently asked questions

Our team is dedicated to your business goals utilizing creativity and analytics which allows the best outcome for your marketing needs.

We all have had expectations of our current goals and these goals have come up short. Many of us give up on our dreams. We here at Dead Dreams Productions have dedicated our business to give new life to your dreams by breathing air into it using video marketing with a cinematic approach.

The RED Camera Solution is a cinematic industry standard that can be used for all video production requirements.

Big, Bold, and Beautiful, just like our video concepts.

We are using old world photography techniques and combining it with new century technology.

There are three stages of video production. There is pre-production, production, and post production. Here at Dead Dreams Production we consider pre-production the most important. Pre-production is where we can realize our friends’ goals, plan and coordinate locations, scripts, budgets, and focus on possible costly problems involved in the production and post production phases. A good pre-production will always give our friends a better production experience and a better product.